Thursday, April 2, 2015

The way you're supposed to control the camera

Thinking about camera controls, you don’t know what you’re going to get.

F-Stop :4.5. ISO: 800, Shutter Speed: 50
            When you think about camera controls you think about everything that controls the camera.

Being the amateur camera person, to me, camera controls means the power button, flash and playback button. To my surprise, not only does it mean that, it meant things as foreign as F-Stop, ISO and shutter speed.

I guess if you are a regular photographer or if you had a photojournalism class before you know what you’re doing but me, not so much.

To be honest everything was tough. The pictures I wanted to take were hard to take and the sun was too bright and the weather was terrible but I definitely did what I could.

F-Stop: 4.5, ISO: 200, Shutter Speed: 50 
On the other hand a few of my pictures came out well. I liked the way they came out and the way I could just take everyday pictures was great. I focus on taking pictures that everyone can relate too whether that be students on Wayne State’s Campus or citizens in the Detroit community.

The NewsU tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about the language of photos. It gives you perfect clarity on things like lighting, rule of thirds, moments, personality portraits, etc. and that gives me another way to look at pictures.

F-Stop: 3.5, ISO: 200, Shutter Speed:50
The pictures I chose to take were shallow depth of field, blurred action and wide depth of field. I chose to do those three because those are the few pictures where the viewer can appreciate the detail behind the photo. 

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