Friday, April 10, 2015

Sports, sports, read all about it

What a day on Wayne State’s baseball field. On April 3, the Wayne State Warriors played Grand Valley University. The Warriors strutted out prideful on this chilly day regardless of the weather or the rivalry. Although there weren't many fans there, there was plenty of hardball on the field. You had players like Kyle Zimmerman fighting on their turf for the win. 
Wayne State's Kyle Zimmerman, on 1st base (left) outs a player from GV
 on 1st base

Alex Kinch, played pitcher to the opposing team, trying his best to strike them out every time. It was at best a very hard game to call.

Knowing hardly anything about baseball, I kept up with the game, as any fan in the crowd should have.

This sports assignment is the hardest assignment that I’ve done so far. What made this so hard you ask? Taking pictures of people and things in motion isn’t hard, capturing the timeless memories isn’t hard, but what is hard, knowing what lens to shoot with and how to use it.

Although a handful of WSU supporters they sure enjoyed the game
I shot my pictures with a wide lens, ISO at 400, F-stop at 10 and shutter speed at 1/1000. My pictures came out good. A few were blurry, but none over or underexposed. My biggest deal was the fact that my pictures weren’t “up in your face” enough.

Assistant Coach Aaron Hepner (center) gives the team a pep talk
just before the game begins.
Although I did find the shooting portion a little difficult I did actually enjoy the action and the atmosphere of the baseball game. It felt good to be out there watching the game. I also enjoyed catching nice moments on camera; you see cool things through the lens.


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