Thursday, April 2, 2015

The relationship between captions and I

Captions are important as a reader and as a writer.

As a writer you want your reader to understand what they’re reading. You want your message to be loud and clear through not only your writing but through your pictures.

Pictures in a story pull the readers in. Bringing your words to life are what gets the reader interested, great feature pictures is the hook, line and sinker.

Captions according to the AP stylebook should follow a formula. It gives you the person in the photograph and what’s going on, the date and location, city and state. All three of these things are mandatory within your captions.

            I think that the captions are important for the same reasons the AP Stylebook does. As a reader it is important to know what you’re reading and to understand why it’s relevant for you to reading it.

What I’ve learned throughout the captions lesson in the AP Stylebook and through my professor’s Storify lesson on captions is that it’s the most important part of any photojournalist’s job.

I’ve learned that captions are the most important part in every story because every story needs and requires a photo for the story. It’s very imperative. 

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